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8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Mentoring

Here are some ways to help you maximise the quality of your mentoring sessions to help you get the most out of it.

1. Make time and space for sessions

Allow yourself time before and after to prepare for and digest the information and learnings from each session.

2. Be on time

This will help maximise the time with the mentor and the quality of the session. Not to mention eliminating the stress around being late!

3. Come prepared

Bring a notepad, pen and any questions you may have.

4. Be clear on what you want out of it

Mentoring is a two-way street. Make it clear to the mentor on areas you want to improve so they can tailor their service to your needs.

5. Be open and honest

Sessions are meant to be in a comfortable learning environment, with no fear of asking questions or sharing your experiences. The results will be optimal with open and honest communication.

6. Do your homework

There may be activities and tasks the mentor has asked you to do. They ask this of you because they think it will be beneficial to you, so do your best to attempt it.

7. Reflection is important

Review and reflect on each sessions content, learnings and themes. This is best done within a day after the session while the content is front of mind. This will help solidify learning and generate questions for the next session.

8. Your mentor has (probably) had similar experiences

There is no such thing as a silly question, only silly answers. The mentor has most likely experienced what you are going through, and has the tools and experience to help you deal with it better than they did.


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