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Inspiring Individual Excellence

Youth athletes have a golden window of opportunity to invest in themselves to maximise their potential and build great habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. With the right guidance and support, the dreams of every young athlete can be achieved. 


Complete Athlete Australia is a mentoring service that aims to provide this support and guidance. Through the training and development of technical, physical and mental skills, individuals can achieve excellence in all facets of their sporting and personal life, becoming well-rounded, complete athletes. Founded by Mark Hutchings, AFL Premiership player with the West Coast Eagles, the service aims to equip athletes with skills that will assist them in their quest to be the best version of themselves.


"Looking back to when I was an aspiring athlete, there was so much I didn't know that I didn't realise at the time. I would have loved some advice and guidance on how to enhance the mental side of my game and how to look after my body to achieve elite performance."

This was the catalyst for the birth of CAA. A way to work with athletes and pass on some of the practical experience gained over a 10-year AFL career and the lessons learnt along the journey.


About me

I am Mark Hutchings, BSc (Exer&SprtsSc), AFL Premiership player with the West Coast Eagles and Founder of Complete Athlete Australia. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, I loved all things sport, playing Australian Rules Football and Cricket. My dream was to play AFL football. I attended a high school with a specialist Australian Rules Football program and graduated in 2008. I was drafted to St. Kilda Football Club in the 2009 rookie draft, before being delisted at the end of the 2010 season. The dream to play AFL football was still strong, and after two years with the West Perth Football Club in the WAFL I was drafted to West Coast at the end of 2012. Since then, 120 AFL games, 2 Grand Finals and 1 Premiership later, it is proof that if you have a dream, resilience and a great support network, then you can achieve it!


I have often thought about the things I know now that I wish I knew when I was an aspiring athlete. I have lived it, and I want to pass the lessons on.

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